Irish Punks Invade Pennsylvania


In For a Penny are securing themselves a firm position within the celtic punk genre with back to back high quality releases that keep you coming back for more. – Mersey Celt Punks


Prepare to be excited as you are about to have a new favourite band in the form of In For A Penny! – Mersey Celt Punks


In a nutshell “One More Last Hurrah” is just raw enough to keep it punk, clean enough to make it an enjoyable listen. – Paddy Rock Radio


“The new album from the hottest band in celtic punk at the moment. All the way from Georgia, USA and recorded live in the back room at The Sand Bar on Tybee Island, GA in about seven hours including lunch break!” – London Celtic Punks



In just five songs, the Tybee band rallies their crowd, invites them to sing along, gets personal, and even falls quietly reverent. – Connect Savannah


Last year we loved the band’s 9 track debut album. They followed apparently a simple approach, but the final result was amazing. – Celtic Folk Punk


In For A Penny have that age old problem for Irish/Celtic-punk bands. They could quite easily just keep singing the standards and the bookings would still roll in and they would keep everyone happy but every musician must have the urge to get some of their own material out and when it’s as good as In For A Penny’s then I’m afraid it is a necessity! – London Celtic Punk


“I dare say that In for a Penny are balladeers of the XXIst century. They take the spirit of The Dubliners and add some punk twist to the mix. Other definition would be a sort of a stripped version of The Tossers.” – celtic folk punk