Mr Rowdy and Other Assorted Silliness

celtic punk

We had a blast this weekend, as we returned to Savannah to play The Rail Pub. Lots of familiar faces turned out (feels kinda weird to have people who actually come specifically to hear us play… nice, but weird) including the soon to be infamous Mr Rowdy. The whole story will be told in time, but suffice it to say we wrote a song about one particular fella and we played it for him (having never played it before…) It was a train wreck, as expected, but felt somehow appropriate. Mr Rowdy recorded it on his phone and shared it with us, so you can see it, if you like that sort of thing, on our Facebook Page.

Bryce is getting more and more confident and we can already start to see what his presence in the band is going to allow the rest of us to do (plus, it’s pretty cool to be playing in a band with my kid!)

Sunday, it was back into the studio to finish up the last track on our upcoming E.P. We can’t begin to tell you how excited we are about how this is turning out. Hopefully it’ll be ready to go by the middle of June. This week, the website gets an update, and we spend some time promoting our first gigs in the Atlanta area this coming Friday and Saturday! Hope we see some of you there!