2018 was a weird year for In For A Penny. Sean ended up working in St Croix for the first few months, right after we recorded the EP SOMETIMES IT’S BETTER TO NOT. When the trip got cut short, the spring was on us and we hadn’t planned any shows… Summer came and went, Sean and Henny ended up getting big boy jobs and working tons of hours. Jeremy booked a lot of regular weekly gigs doin’ his amazing solo stuff and before we knew it, the year was coming to a close. We had ventured out to play some new places that we really dug (yeah Tipsy McSway, we’re talking about you) but life had truly thrown us all a curve.

But life is funny like that.

In the past few weeks, Sean has taken a new job which hopefully frees up a ton of his time and our little EP won multiple Best of 2018 awards. A few days of free time and spark of inspiration was the catalyst for the new video ‘FORE THE DEVIL. We’re slam full booked for St Paddy’s, including a rare (for us anyway) opening slot for The Peelers Official here in Savannah.

We’re not done yet… so let’s crank this engine up one more time and see what happens, shall we! Hope you enjoy the new video. Please tell your friends and come get rowdy with us!

sean, jeremy, henny, bryce, matt