In For A Penny


In For a Penny are securing themselves a firm position within the celtic punk genre with back to back high quality releases that keep you coming back for more. – Mersey Celt Punks

In For A Penny is a tough band to nail down really in any genre. You could call them celtic traditional, pub rock, and of course folk punk. I do know that any new release will be better than the last. – Colorado Punk Rock Army

In For A Penny have that age old problem for Irish/Celtic-punk bands. They could quite easily just keep singing the standards and the bookings would still roll in and they would keep everyone happy but every musician must have the urge to get some of their own material out and when it’s as good as In For A Penny’s then I’m afraid it is a necessity! – London Celtic Punk

In just five songs, the Tybee band rallies their crowd, invites them to sing along, gets personal, and even falls quietly reverent. – connect savannah

“I dare say that In for a Penny are balladeers of the XXIst century. They take the spirit of The Dubliners and add some punk twist to the mix. Other definition would be a sort of a stripped version of The Tossers.” – celtic folk punk

There’s a brand-new band in town just in time for the wearin’ of the green! After 10 years away from music, Sean McNally is back in action with a seasonally-appropriate band: In for a Penny.” – connect savannah


Irish Folk Punk


The Irish landed in Savannah in 1734. It took 281 years for Savannah Georgia Irish Music to get rowdy… but it has now!

Irish punk band In For A Penny formed a few weeks before Saint Paddy’s Day in 2015. Sean McNally (vocals/mandolin) recruited Henny “da butcha”, a self described “Church drummer” (drums) and former Savannah alt-metal legends ARGYLE guitarist Jeremy Riddle (guitar/vocals) to take the solo act to what may be the least likely Irish punk band ever. The trio spent the next 18 months carving out a corner of the Savannah music scene dominated by americana/alt country and trash punk, including nearly a dozen shows during the 3 day Savannah St Patrick’s celebration Sean’s son, bassist Bryce McNally (bass) joined the band in the Spring of 2016.

They would release multiple self produced recordings, which have consistently won high praise in the Irish punk music press, as well as a number of videos produced and directed by the band. Opportunities to open for The Rumjacks and Blaggards only helped to expand the bands exposure.

With yearly solidly booked schedules for Savannah St Patrick’s season, and a growing local following, 2018 found the band moving in separate directions… literally. Bryce moved to Colorado, Sean spent the winter working in hurricane relief on St Croix, Henny returned to commercial heating/ac installation and Jeremy performed nearly full time with his solo project. The future of In For A Penny was in question. A few local and regional shows kept the band from completely calling it quits.

Enter 2019. In For A Penny is gearing up for it’s 5th year as a featured artist in Savannah’s St Patrick’s madness, as well as promoting it’s almost accidental and award winning EP SOMETIMES IT’S BETTER TO NOT (the band’s 4th release) and ready as ever to get rowdy!








In For A Penny