East Coast Irish Punk


East coast Irish punk will be representin’ hard for a few days in mid August as we head up the coast on our first ever tour! The whole thing sprang from an upcoming East Coast Irish Punk Compilation album being put together by Paddy Rock Radio and featuring underexposed bands from the East Coast. We have been talking about taking the show a little further afield than the local Savannah market and we have wanted to play with other Irish punk bands (most of which NEVER come to the Dirty South) so we decided to go to them. To be truthful, all we really did was contact some great bands and ask them to set up shows at their favorite local venues and add us to the bill… they did all the work, and all we have to do is show up! Such a deal.

We also decided to run our own little in-house fundraiser to help offset the cost of the tour and our friends have blown us away with their support! The first ever “Tank ‘O Gas East Coast Tour” kicks off August 16th at our favorite local place The Sand Bar and then heads up the coast with 2 shows in North Carolina and 3 in Pennsylvania. We couldn’t have done it without the support and hard work of The Born Again Heathens, Backseat Hooligans, Phil Duckworth with Paddy Rock Radio, Mass Folk Commons and a special guest band we can’t announce quite yet but are over the moon about sharing the stage with.

Wanna lend us a hand? Swing over to our 2017 Tour page and drop us a couple of bucks… we’ll give you some exclusive In For A Penny tour support merchandise too!

Hope you’re ready to get rowdy… Here We Go!