Blogs… You Gotta Update Them

The thing with blog posts is that it’s so easy not to do them… which is why this is the second one.

Don’t mistake that to mean we haven’t been busy. That’s part of the reason there haven’t been any. This band has only been together since March of 2105, but we’ve come a heck of a long way. We’ve been playing in the Savannah/Tybee Island area a lot and getting great response. We’ve journeyed south of the border (Florida) and made some friends, who will get to see us kick of the Jacksonville Celtic Festival on November 14. People ask what kind of music we play as Henny, with his black skin and amazing dreads sets up his drums, Jeremy, usually in cowboy had and flip flops plugs in his guitar and I tune my mandolin (which all you mandolin players know is a never ending reality) and we usually respond with “it’s kinda of Irish with a punk feel and some weird 80’s covers.” As accurate as that description is, it still leaves people with no idea what the heck to expect, so we remedied that situation a few weeks ago by setting up our gear in Jeremy’s living room and hitting record as we jammed through nine of our favorite songs. The result will give you a good idea of what to expect from the rowdy Irish craic that is In For A Penny. Check out The Guardian Angel Sessions. We wanna say thanks to all of the folks who continue to show up and get rowdy with us and we want to extend an invitation to the many who have no idea who we are… we’re looking forward to meeting you. -sean