2017 Tour



We’re takin’ this show on the road with a 2017 tour! That’s right, you’re favorite local Irish punks are gonna head up the road to play with some great bands, drink some beer and introduce a couple of towns on the East Coast to our brand of rowdy! The initial plan was to keep the shows within’ a tank of gas from each other, but that didn’t work out quite like we planned… still a great name though, so we kept it! We’ve teamed up with Paddy Rock Radio and some bands on the upcoming Paddy Rock East Coast Irish Punk compilation to bring 5 nights of craic to North Carolina and Pennsylvania. We’re gonna shoot lots of video of all the fun stuff that goes on while we’re on the road (like Henny getting his food last) and will put together a fun little piece when we get back. The tour will go like this

August 17 – Clayton, NC – w/Born Again Heathens

August 18 – Thomasville, PA – w/Backseat Hooligans and Hold Fast

August 19 – Easton, PA -w/Born Again Heathens, The Lucky Pistols, Houston and the Rats

August 20 – Philadelphia, PA – w/Mass Folk Commons and Florida Wayne

August 21 – Carrboro, NC – w/The Tan and Sober Gentlemen

We’re super jacked to do this little tour (our very first) and we’d love for you to help us out… the links above will take you to our PayPal and let you donate a little somethin’ to help get us up the road.

  • Wanna make sure we stay hydrated? BUY US A ROUND for a $10 Donation. We’ll send you a limited edition 2017 Tour Supporter Sticker and you’ll get listed in the credits of the final video.
  • Wanna keep our bellies from rumblin’? BUY US LUNCH for a $25 Donation. You’ll get the stuff above, as well as an extra special video segment singing your praises as we grub out!
  • Wanna help keep us rollin’ down the road? BUY US A TANK of gas for a $50 Donation. You’ll get all the stuff above, as well as a one of a kind “I HELPED IN FOR A PENNY GO ON TOUR AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY T-SHIRT” shirt

Thanks in advance for the support all along this journey so far… Here We Go!



*or maybe a wee bit more