Irish Celtic Folk Punk Savannah

Irish Celtic Folk Punk – Savannah, GA

In For a Penny are securing themselves a firm position within the celtic punk genre with back to back high quality releases that keep you coming back for more. – Mersey Celt Punks


Prepare to be excited as you are about to have a new favourite band in the form of In For A Penny! – Mersey Celt Punks

the hottest band in celtic-punk at the moment – London Celtic Punks


In just five songs, the Tybee band rallies their crowd, invites them to sing along, gets personal, and even falls quietly reverent. – Connect Savannah

“I dare say that In for a Penny are balladeers of the XXIst century. They take the spirit of The Dubliners and add some punk twist to the mix. Other definition would be a sort of a stripped version of The Tossers.” – celtic folk punk


The Irish landed in Savannah in 1734. It took 281 years for Savannah Georgia Irish Music to get rowdy… but it has now!

In For A Penny is a rowdy, four piece, Irish Celtic folk punk band. (Whew!) We’re ready to bring our folk punk twist to your favorite traditional Celtic tunes, as well as tons of rowdy original material to the dirty south, and beyond. Foot stompin’, beer drinkin’, whiskey soaked music, with the odd 80’s pop cover thrown in, just because every loves them and nobody else plays them. When In For A Penny cranks it up, it’s like having a St. Paddy’s Day party any night of the week! Get ready Savannah… things are about to get a little bit more rowdy around here!

In For A Penny draws inspiration from band ranging from Celtic Punk giants Dropkick Murphy’s and The Rumjacks to 80’s & 90’s greats Tears for Fears and The Cranberries as well as traditional Irish staples like The Dubliners. The members are equally as diverse, with backgrounds in punk, rap, hardcore and hair metal. Stories will be told, glasses will be raised and good times will be had by all as In For A Penny time and time again draws audiences into the party.

We’re tossing our hat into the ring here in Savannah and we’re not pulling any punches. Come on out and get rowdy with us. We’re sure you won’t be sorry!